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We will create these cards for you from scratch, as we don’t make you choose something from a template.

We come to your school, network for you & connect you with 100 local businesses in your community in just 2 days, having them display your information on their shelf-top. I use rack cards now instead of lead boxes because they are less work (servicing every week) and less expensive. They will drive potential clients to your web-page, off-line marketing your on-line presence. This system works for any business, but exceptionally well for karate schools, chiropractors, mortgage-brokers, travel agencies, & real estate agencies. If you have a web-site you need traffic.
I’m the only person in the country that provides this unique service.

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Most people selling a product online are very familiar with all of the different methods of online marketing and promotion. Everything has been done and most niches prove to be full of fierce competition. What many online product marketers do not seem to realize is that offline marketing is a great avenue for cheaper exposure while still being able to reach your targetaudience.After all, aren’t people on the Internet the same people off the Internet? If you need a boost to your online product’s marketing campaign then you need to learn how to market your online product offline.

One of the easiest ways to market an online product offline is through rack cards placed in local businesses in your community. We can come to your area and place them for you, in attractive acrylic stands, to ensure that people will see your information and engage in a more proactive distribution campaign for marketing your online products offline.
Even if they don’t understand just what your product is people tend have a curious nature. By seeing someone local marketing a website they are apt to check it out when feeling a bit bored at home. You may be surprised at just how many local people are willing to buy a product that is sold on a professional looking website by another person that they know to be local; it provides a great trust factor to your product.

“MASTERMACKMARKETING”, the proven experts in lead-generating marketing, now offer a comprehensive Web marketing solution to help you increase your online presence with offline marketing to generate quality leads and prospects. 

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