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Is Your Marketing Strategy Evolving?

As the experienced team at Webtraffic knows, marketing is always evolving. Commercials, radio spots, and billboards, standard marketing practices for the past 100 years, have become icons of the past. The current generation of consumers is being targeted through the most widely used and widely available information delivery mechanism of our day – the Internet. In other words, through YOUR Web site.

“A few days ago, I met a Martial Arts owner at a networking event,” says Jimmy Mack, owner of Webtraffic and a marketing specialist who for 25 years has been helping Martial art schools, chiropractors and business people, double, triple, and even quadruple their marketing results. “Being in the marketing business and curious about how people are driving their business, I asked her if she had a Web site for her business. She replied that she’d had a Web site a couple years ago, but had never gotten any business from it, so she shut it down.

“My next question was, ‘How did you market it?’

“All I got in return was a blank stare. ‘Market it?’”

That’s a very common response. Many businesspeople believe the old adage, “If you build it, they will come.” But Web sites don’t work that way. A Web site is a great marketing tool if used correctly, but simply sticking a Web site out there in the vast cyberspace universe and waiting for customers to start pouring in doesn’t work. You have to market it. That’s where the expertise of Webtraffic comes in.

Why Market Your Web Site?

Did you know that consumers are 12 times more likely to purchase your products or services after finding your Web site than through all other marketing programs combined? That’s huge! So what are you doing to drive consumers to your site?


In the current economy, business owners know they must market now more than ever to gain an edge. You can’t afford NOT to market! Webtraffic is here to help. With less labor and no appointment setting, we have developed an easier and more cost efficient way to market your business effectively. 

Eliminate Unnecessary Labor

Do lead boxes still work? YES! But maintaining lead boxes is labor intensive. A staff member has to service the boxes weekly and then everyone who has filled out a slip has to be called to set an appointment. Webtraffic’s Web marketing plan virtually eliminates the labor of this unwanted process. Imagine only stocking the stands every 4-6 weeks and no calling once I place them for you.

Do YOU Know How to Develop an Online Presence?

If you are like many business owners, finding the time, commitment, and necessary knowledge to develop an internet Web site marketing strategy is difficult. With so many other obligations vying for your attention, it is tempting to push Web site marketing strategies to the back burner.

Giving in to that temptation, however, puts your business at a disadvantage. To be most effective, your Website marketing strategy should be a part of your comprehensive business marketing plan. By aligning online marketing with your offline efforts, you can better achieve overall company objectives and present a consistent style and message across all points of contact with your target audience.

Webtraffic has Proven Marketing Strategies to Drive Traffic to Your Web Site

Webtraffic, with its proven marketing strategies, will drive residents in your community to your Web site. We do this much in the same way lead boxes are implemented, by coming to your community and placing hundreds of take-one stands filled with your information in local neighborhood businesses. In addition to placing 100 take-one stands in local shops, we will train your entire staff – in three business days or less. Plus, we help design a marketing piece for you, suggest specials, and provide the eye-catching acrylic stands with 5,000 rack cards for the holders – all for one price. We can also design and create a web-site so you can capture information when someone visits your site and turn it into a client.

The Webtraffic marketing edge:

ü      Directs clients to your Web site where they can obtain all the necessary information about your products or services.

ü      Eliminates the need to hire additional staff to answer telephone calls or set appointments from lead box slips.

Eliminates the need to service a weekly route, which frees you and your staff to do what you love to do – RUN YOUR BUSINESS!

For more information on how to ramp up your lead-generating program using the proven webtraffic system, call Jimmy Mack at 864-933-5426, email him at or visit his website at